ETRON RPC DRAM® Memory Controller for Lattice ECP5 FPGAs

Developed for Etron by Intermotion Technology, the Etron RPC DRAM (RPC) Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) Controller is a general-purpose memory controller that interfaces the Lattice ECP5 family of FPGAs with Etron Technology’s Low Pincount RPC memory devices, and provides a generic command interface to user applications. The RPC DRAM is a high bandwidth x16-organized DDR-type DRAM, suitable for high bandwidth applications including high resolution video buffering, but featuring low pincount (24 switching IOs): using approximately half of the interface pins of DDR3/LPDDR3 yet offering the same bandwidth with similar high bus efficiency.

A unique and valuable advantage the RPC DRAM offers the system user is a Wafer Level CSP package option. The x16 RPC WLCSP occupies less than 10% of the PCB area of a standard x16 type DDR3 DRAM. It is the smallest possible discrete package and the first DRAM offered in this type of package. When paired with the miniaturized package options for the Lattice ECP5 family, an unprecedented level of cost-effective system miniaturization is enabled while using a standard surface mount PCB technology platform. For example, the PCB footprint area of the 285 csfBGA-packaged ECP5 combined with the WLCSP-packaged RPC DRAM is less than the area of a single x16 DDR3 DRAM.

This core reduces the effort required to integrate RPC DRAM interfacing and control with the remainder of the application and eliminates the need for the application to directly deal with the RPC memory interface. More information including downloads and documentation is available here.


  • Interfaces to Etron Technology RPC DRAM components compliant with the RPC DRAM Standard
  • Interfaces to RPC DRAM at speeds up to 400 MHz / 800 Mbps in -8 speed grade devices
  • Supports memory data path widths of -16, and -32 bits or multiples thereof.
  • Supports x16 RPC DRAM
  • AXI application interface option
  • Fully interleaved bank operation with overlapped Bank Precharge and Row Activation / Column Burst Accesses
  • Pipelined streaming mode supports infinitely long sustained read / write burst access to full memory supported with random column/bank addressing for high bus efficiency

RPC DRAM in WLCSP (Left) vs DDR3 in 96 BGA (Right)

0.8 mm pitch: ECP5 + DDR3 (Left), 0.5 mm pitch ECP5 + RPC (Right)

Design Support

We provide design support for the Etron RPC DRAM (RPC) Memory Controller. Click here for support inquiries.